of Continuing and Distance Education (ICDE)

The institute was established to extend the mandate of the University in delivering quality higher education in information and communication technology (ICT) and its related programs through the provision of digital/virtual centers to the dispersed academic audience.

Institute of Continuing and Distance Education

How we intend to help you

  • What is the duration of the Distance programmes

    The duration of Diploma and Degree programs offered via distance education is consistent with the same module and duration as regular or those offered on campus. There are no distinction between programs offered through distance education and 'face-2-face'

  • how do I register for ICDE Programmes

    The Institute will ensure students are registered using methods such as (1) a secure login and pass code, (2) proctored examinations, and, (3) new or other technologies and practices that are effective in verifying student identification including monitoring by learning center coordinators

  • What are the prorammes offered in distance learning

    Only approved programs offered on campus are offered via ICDE while new programmes not offered on-campus shall receive accreditation to be rolled out for the distance education

  • Is the programme the same as a regular GCTU Programme

    ICDE programs are the same and meets the requirements as resident programs holding special accreditations. All accreditations are conducted by GTEC as was in the case of GCTU regular programmes

  • Do you conduct orientation for freshmen

    Orientations are conducted for all distance education students in the various learning centers by the Center Coordinators and their teams. The orientation is designed to familiarize new and prospective students with the online learning environment.

  • Are your programmes tranferable?

    No. Our programmes are not transferable.

  • What is the scope of your learning outcomes

    It is expected to undergo the rigourous training as in the regular or face-to-face

  • Is the certificate the same as the regular?

    ICDE awards certificates or degree with the same rigor and breadth of the regular programs offered on campus.


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